You’re moving to the Next level in November!
Agnes Ebedi

On the eve of the first day of this month, I had a victorious dream. In this dream, I was standing in a court of law with some people and there was a battle going on. In the end, the judge ruled in our favor and a woman of God I was standing with looked at me in the dream and said “Regardless of what has happened, we are going to the next level!” I woke up from the dream rejoicing and instantly knew that this means that your set time for favor has come.

I prophesy to someone reading this that because you have found favor with God; next level increase, next level provision, next level promotion is your portion in November in Jesus name. In the same way that the favor of God suddenly propelled Joseph out of the prison into the palace in one day. Because God has ruled in your favor; I declare that this month, you shall be suddenly propelled into your promise in Jesus name!cropped-photo-2

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